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Drive quality leads and sales to your business with Facebook advertising! Facebook advertising is perfect for businesses of all sizes and categories! Book a call to find out how we can drive more customers to you.

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Have you ever searched for a product online, then a few moments later seen an advertisement featuring that very same product in your Facebook feed?
You have just been targeted by Facebook Ads.

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It works like this:

Facebook monitors what you do online, and uses that information to deliver sponsored posts, ads and suggested content directly to you within your Facebook feed. Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) uses the same technology. 

It’s a really effective form of advertising, and there are even more ways to go about it.…

Have a retail store, restaurant, or physical location where customers come to you? GREAT! We can target people who live, work, or travel along the same street as your business. If you want more coverage, we can show your ads to everyone in your suburb, or even include the surrounding suburbs. 

Have an online store? AMAZING. Let us deliver customers directly to your online shop, encouraging purchasing behaviours and building your email list.
And if they don’t buy first time round, we’ll use our remarketing process to show your ad to people who clicked through to your website and browsed but didn’t purchase.

In the real world, we’d call this window shopping, and the remarketing process would be like having a window on every street so they keep walking past until they finally go inside and check out your store!

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Facebook is constantly adding information to user profiles, from interests and behaviours, to milestones and life events.
This information allows businesses to target specific interest groups and demographics… it’s more than just age, location and gender — we can now target luxury shoppers, parents, pet-owners, or people who have an interest in books, exercise, the outdoors, travel and more.

What does this mean for businesses?

It’s fantastic news. It means that as a business, you can show your advertisement to a highly targeted, refined audience of potential customers — without wasting any time or money on showing your advertising to people who aren’t your customers. 

In traditional advertising like newspaper, radio or television, you pay to show your advertising to everyone. Let’s say for example you’re selling pet food and you place an advertisement in the local newspaper. The newspaper can’t exclude people who don’t own pets from reading the paper — so you’re actually paying more, to show your advertisement to people who aren’t even potential customers.

With Facebook and Instagram advertising, we can both include specific profiling (such as pet ownership) and exclude specific profiling (such as tourists and holiday makers) so that the only people seeing your advertising, will be people who live in the country and own pets. Therefore, you only pay for the right people to see your advertising — and typically this results in a much more cost-effective outcome than old school media.

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