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Instagram Advertising For Small Businesses

An Instagram advertising agency is an agency that helps businesses increase sales, build brand awareness and manage Instagram advertising campaigns.

Instagram Marketing is one of the most effective, targeted and relevant platforms for reaching customers in 2020.


Over 9 million Australians use Instagram, and 90% of Instagram users follow a business on Instagram — which means 8.1 million users in Australia are already following businesses. 

For effective Instagram Marketing, including Instagram Advertising, it’s essential to have a marketing strategy that answers these questions;

  1. What do my customers love most about my business, brand or service — and how can I best share that effectively on Instagram?
  2. What is top-performing content on Instagram for my brand, business or category? What will achieve the highest engagement, the greatest reach, and the most interaction with my followers?
  3. What could I post on Instagram that would connect me with new customers, and keep me connected to my existing customers?

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Advertising On Instagram

Instagram Advertising is the way of the future. With Instagram Shopping on the horizon in Australia, we already have the capacity to tag your products to your online e‑commerce store and connect your customers directly with your website — allowing them to complete their purchase online. 

We create an advertising campaign that takes your customer on an engaging Journey, starting on your Instagram page and arriving at your website, allowing them to experience the full spectrum of your products online — with the bonus of activating your retargeting pixel so that we can show them more of your products in future!

Instagram Management

1.) Instagram for Business — Optimised:

We start by creating a dynamic, optimised Instagram Business Account designed to showcase your business to potential customers — or if you already have an account, we’ll refresh your page with the latest updates to ensure peak performance!

2.) Engagement and Interaction:

We engage with relevant Instagram Accounts on your behalf, including Influencers who have an active audience that you’d like to connect with. We manually engage with your identified key target accounts, to get your brand in front of the people and pages that you want to be engaged with. 

3.) Hashtags and Searchability:

We identify trending and relevant hashtags for your brand, then actively follow and share content within these hashtags. This elevates your brand within the communities you care about, and makes your page easily searchable within top-performing hashtags.

4.) Sharing and Collaborating:

We seek opportunities for collaboration with synergistic brands to leverage your content across multiple accounts, expanding your reach and building your profile amongst people who are most likely to engage with your page. 

5.) Stories and Specials:

We create compelling stories, specials and promotions with a sense of urgency, encouraging your followers to take action! Your followers will become loyal brand advocates as we create a sense of exclusivity — the special and unique value that your followers receive will keep them checking your page for the latest updates!

6.) Reporting and Innovating:

Our reports are some of the best in the social media world, highlighting your most engaged hashtags, top-performing posts, insights from your followers and analysis of your stories and post performance each month. With these insights we innovate and optimise your strategy to enhance your future results!

Build your Business on Instagram

Creating and managing an effective Instagram Business Page is essential for successful businesses online.

We’ve been creating and managing Instagram Business Accounts since 2015, and we know how to build an effective, optimised page for your business.

We offer Instagram content management and Instagram Advertising, so whatever your business we’ve got a solution that we can tailor to your unique needs.

We work manage Instagram for Businesses in the online retail space including fashion, food and technology; Instagram Business accounts for brands such as skincare, health & wellbeing and executive coaching; and Instagram Business Accounts for service-based businesses such as accountants, recruitment agencies, physical fitness specialists and building & construction services.

Whatever industry you’re in, we’re ready to work with you and grow an amazing Instagram account that showcases your business to it’s fullest potential!

Ready to start getting more customers?

Instagram Advertising FAQs

1. What does it cost to setup an Instagram Account for my Business?

We have a one-time $450 +gst setup fee for new Instagram accounts — however if you sign up for one of our content management plans you get your Instagram Business page setup included for FREE!

2. How long does it take to get started? 

We’re pretty quick at making things happen. As soon as you say I want you to manage my Instagram Business Account” we’ll start working on things, and you can expect your first posts to be published within a week or less! 

3. What if I already have an Instagram account, can you work with that (or fix it)?

Yes we can. If you’ve already got an account we’ll use your existing account and make the necessary changes and optimisations to make it perform at it’s best — once it’s ready to roll we’ll begin our posting on your behalf .

4. I’m busy — how much of my time is this going to take? 

Very little! You’ll need to fill out a questionnaire and approve your content for the first 2 weeks before anything goes live — and after that, you can sit back and relax and we’ll do everything. 

5. What if I want to be involved in the process? 

Great! Let us know at setup phase and we’ll give you access to our scheduling platform so you can view your Instagram Business Posts before they go live every week. You’re welcome to send us any content you want included and we’ll add that in for you too. 

6. Can I still access my account while you manage it?

Sure can. You’ve got full access — we’re just here to help save you time, get you more engagement and build your brand. You still own the page and you’ll always be able to login and manage your account. 

7. I’ve got a pretty unique/​special/​unusual business — can we still work together? 

We hope so! We’ve worked with all kinds of businesses in all different industries over the years. Give us a call on 02 8667 5340 and we’ll work it out with you. 

8. I have a question that isn’t in this list — what should I do?

Call us! We’d love to chat, we’ve been told we’re nice people.

You can reach our founder Yvonne on 0449 208 057 or call the team at 02 8667 5340.
If you’re not a talker, email us at [email protected]​easysocialmedia.​com.​au.

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