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Hyper-Optimise your Social Media Marketing by age, gender, industry, location and interests. Let us custom design a smart Social Media Strategy to suit your requirements today!

Welcome to Easy Social Media! We offer Social Media Management for Australian Businesses and we’d love to work with you.

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If you’re new to the world of social media, you can book a discovery call with our Social Guru and Founder, Yvonne, to get a full overview of what social media is, how it all works, and what the best approach would be for your business. 

If you know what your business needs (amazing!) and you’d like to know what it’s going to cost, head to our Social Media Pricing page for our packaged options.

If you see something you like there, give us a call and we’ll get you started right away.

Looking for something more customised such as Social Media Advertising, Targeted Campaigns or Lead Generation? 

We can create a tailored Social Media Marketing Strategy for you that will include all the bells and whistles your business needs.

Book a 15 minute call with Yvonne and she’ll create a customised package for you within your budget.

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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising available today.

Unlike the traditional’ (outdated) forms of advertising like newspaper or radio — social media advertising allows you to be highly targeted, showing your ads only to people who are potential customers. 

Why is that such a good thing? 

Well, it means you’re only spending your precious advertising dollars on reaching people who are likely to buy from you.

How does Social Media Advertising work?

Facebook Advertising and Instagram Advertising both offer exceptional targeting capabilities. 

We’ll work with you to establish your most active and responsive audiences, and then only show your ads to them. So if you’re a women’s clothing store, we’re not going to show your advertising to men. 

If you’re selling pet accessories, we’ll only show your ads to people who own pets. 

What does Facebook Advertising cost?

We’ve got campaigns delivering website traffic for clients for as little as $300 per month, and Lead Generation Campaigns spending anywhere from $800 to $1500 and above. 

Facebook Ads are incredibly cost-effective and we get excellent results. 

If you’re interested in setting up an Advertising Campaign on Facebook or you want to run Ads on Instagram, give us a call and we’ll talk you through the various options.

Social Media Strategy

1.) We start by getting to know you, and your business

First, we want to understand more about you and your business. This includes what you offer, what makes your business different, and what success looks like for your business.

2.) Then we create a Social Media Strategy that is unique to your business

We’ll incorporate all of the elements of social media into your strategy — this includes the primary platforms we’ll focus on and is usually a combination of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, TripAdvisor

3.) Next, we start getting to work on setting things up

If you’re brand new to social media, we include setup of all your pages for FREE! (What?) Yes, it’s true. Totally free for newbies. 

The way we see it, the more businesses there are on social media, the more our social media communities can connect in a meaningful way with brands they really want to follow. 

If you’ve already got pages up and running, we’ll optimise these for top performance — this is also free and included in our service!

4.) Once you’re all set up, it’s business time

We’ll create a draft content plan with posts to each of your platforms, and send it to you in advance for approval. 

You get to view your first two weeks of posts before anything goes live, and we’ll make any changes you ask for before your posts are published.

5.) Then we move into engagement and reach

On your Instagram Business Page, we’ll identify key influencers and top-performing hashtags for your business and start engaging these every week on your behalf. On your Facebook Business Page, we regularly share content from relevant pages — growing your brand and increasing your reach across the networks of other businesses in your industry. On your LinkedIn Business Page (if that’s part of your Social Media Strategy) we’ll also share content and include updates.

6.) Lastly, we show you what we’ve done!

We provide all our clients with comprehensive monthly reporting — this shows you the growth, reach and engagement of your Social Media Accounts over the course of a month, including your Top-Performing Posts and most engaged Instagram Hashtags, so that we can keep refining our content to deliver more of what works best for you!

Social Media for Businesses

It’s a whole new world in business and we’re seeing an increase in Facebook usage as more businesses — and more individuals — are moving towards a more digitally optimised way of life.

An increasing number of businesses are now allowing remote working, and social media usage has increased significantly as more and more businesses find ways to make their services and products more readily available online. 

Every Industry has its own unique voice, style, audience and market to work with. 

We’ve been managing Social Media Campaigns since 2015 in Australia and we work across a wide range of industries. 

We manage social media for fashion, travel and retail businesses; furniture, homewares and specialty goods; the food and beverage industry including wine, spirits, gourmet catering, cafes, local restaurants and pubs; and the service industry including accounting and law practices, dental and medical centres, property and finance, even commercial cleaning and specialised building services.

Whatever industry you’re working in, we’d love to talk to you and help you grow your business on social media. Book a call today!

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Social Media Marketing FAQs

How does Social Media Management work?

We work with you and your team to create a strategy that is right for your business.
Once we have a strategy in place, we share relevant, engaging and interactive content on your social media pages and create targeted, compelling advertising campaigns to deliver measurable outcomes for you — from increased website traffic, to online enquiry forms or even whatsapp messages. Talk to us to get a strategy that’s right for you!

What does Social Media Management cost?

Our plans start from $349 + gst per month and we also offer tailored package options if you have a unique requirement that isn’t covered by one of our existing plans. We believe we’re one of the best value agencies in Australia — and our team are based right here in Australia!

What if I don’t know anything about Social Media?

That is absolutely fine. We’ll teach you the basics so that you can understand what’s happening on your pages — and you’ll feel confident reading our monthly reports as you watch your impressions, engagement and reach continue to grow over time!

Do I still have access to my Social Media Pages, or do you take over completely?

We work with you and your team while we manage your Social Media, and you always retain ownership of your pages. You can be involved as much or as little as you like; our objective is to make this work for you so we’ll do everything we can to save you time and increase your results — but you’re still free to post, comment, like and share content whenever you like.

Do you provide Facebook Advertising?

Sure do! We’ve been running Facebook Advertising campaigns for years and we continue to deliver awesome results for our clients. Our recommended minimum spend is usually $500 per month, however it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve and what industry you work in. Some of our clients spend $300 per month and get a consistent flow of quality website traffic, while others spend upwards of $1,500 per month and get qualified leads delivered straight to their inbox. Chat to us about your goals and objectives and we can work out a plan that fits your unique business needs.

Do you run Instagram Ads as well?

We do! Instagram Ads are becoming more dynamic and the effectiveness of Instagram Advertising continues to increase over time. We’ve got a few insider tricks as well to get your ads performing at their optimal level quickly, which saves you time and money.

Who will I be dealing with?

You’ll have a dedicated content manager who takes care of all of your Social Media Accounts on your behalf. We have a full team in Australia and New Zealand and we collaborate regularly to share our knowledge and resources. All of our team are based in either Australia or NZ so there are no off-shore’ people accessing your accounts — we keep everything safe and secure for you.

Do I have to sign up for a minimum term?

No — but most of our customers do. 

We have a minimum 3 month term on our Big plans and a minimum 6 month term on our Basic plans. We usually invoice the first 3 months up front and don’t charge a setup fee, however if you decide you want to work with us month-to-month and not commit to a term, you just need to pay an initial $450+gst setup fee and you can cancel anytime (we still have a one month notice period to pause or cancel)

Does Social Media really work?

Sure does! And we know how to make it work for almost any business in any industry.
We get consistently positive feedback from our clients (some of which have been working with us since 2015!) and our reporting shows us the hard and fast proof that our campaigns are delivering amazing value and returns. 

Can you work with any industry?

Generally, yes! We work with product and service-based businesses across a huge range of industries and we get incredible results.

There are a few very unique circumstances in which particular businesses are not allowed to promote their services on social media channels due to restrictions in their industry. 

And, if we feel that a business is not operating ethically, we’re not going to work with that business. 

I’ve had a bad experience in the past, how do I know you guys are good?

We’ve got heaps of testimonials from our happy customers — you can read our reviews on Facebook and Google to see for yourself, or give Yvonne a call and she can share some relevant examples of customers in a comparable industry to yours.

Also, we’ve been around for a long time. Easy Social Media started in 2012 in New Zealand, and in 2015 we launched in Australia. 

We’ve got years of experience in managing and growing social media accounts, launching businesses and brands, working with startups and established businesses, and delivering successful advertising campaigns.


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