We’re opting in to 2022, and here’s why you should too.

Apple’s iOS14.5+ updates introduced a whole new world for users, where (finally) some power was given back to the people.

Data tracking via apps, including Meta (we’ll get to the name change shortly), now require a manual opt-in from users in order to track their data for conversions.

This has been a game-changing maneuver and places more control of data in the hands of users, while businesses have less access to this info.

What we love about this change: As a business owner, you could well be scratching your head.

Less access to data surely means less effective targeting, less cut-through in campaigns, and ultimately fewer conversions, right?

Well, not exactly. Firstly, we’re only talking about iPhone users who update to iOS14.5 and above. It’s a big chunk of the market, but it’s not everyone.

Secondly, and more surprisingly, users are still opting in to share their data.

By removing data access, the user experience changes fairly quickly.

Gone are the sponsored posts from your favourite brands with their latest product releases or early access sales, and gone are the suggested groups and suggested pages that are actually highly relevant to your interests groups.


For these reasons, many users are opting in to continue receiving their personally curated content from brands they love.

And while this change has been another curveball for business owners to navigate in the wild world of social media, we’re still seeing consistent success across online retail campaigns.

With the capability to retrospectively upload customer data from completed sales, conversions are still relatively easy to track – if you know where to look (and we do).

Finally and most notably, these changes mean that those who are seeing and engaging with your ads are genuinely interested.

There’s less ambiguity and although the cost per click or LPV may have increased, the newly refined targeting has resulted in a corresponding increase in quality – which is ultimately what we’re seeking across all our campaigns.


It happened, and we feel weird about it. Facebook changed to Meta overnight, as part of a kind of creepy rebranding exercise that seems to lead us to an entirely different world of social media. Yeah, the Metaverse.

Accessories are already available. Like the Quest. We’re not sure why yet but there’s already a Quest 2.

Here’s an excerpt from the “Founders Letter” (aka. everyone’s friend, Mark Zuckerberg).

“The defining quality of the metaverse will be a feeling of presence — like you are right there with another person or in another place.

Feeling truly present with another person is the ultimate dream of social technology”.

Feeling truly present with another person sounds like the ultimate dream of life, does it not? Oh well, we’re all on this creepy ride together.

Watch this space, closely.

What we love about this change: It’s early days and we’re yet to see this roll out in a meaningful way.

There’s no doubt that mega behemoth Facebook will do everything in its power to own this space, and it feels highly likely that opportunities for businesses will be ripe in the metaverse.

We won’t be surprised to see virtual commercial real estate and digitised in-store experiences as part of the suite of new offerings to come.


We feel you. Because, like, you know, we care. And we love. And we’re grumpy. And we’re hungry. And we want you to know all of this, always. #feelingblessed. True Story.

Let’s get down to business. Five things you should be doing in social media for your business.

Instagram wants you to use Reels. It’ll keep nudging you, prompting you, wagging its tail at you and trying to convince you that you should – until you finally do it.

And then, it’ll keep encouraging you to do more and more and more. And you should!

Instagram created Reels in an attempt to keep users engaged. It’s a loose competitor Tik Tok, YouTube and other lesser-known video channels.

The benefit for business owners is that by using Reels, you’ll get the benefits of expanded reach, more impressions and greater brand saturation – Instagram rewards users for using their latest toys.

Plus Reels is actually kinda cool, so that’s fun.

It’s SO tempting for businesses to post all about their stuff. That’s what you want to sell, right?

Stuff, stuff, stuff. Buy our stuff. Look at how great our stuff is. Get yourself some of our sweet, sweet stuff.

It is going to sound counter-intuitive, but now more than ever – if you want to sell stuff, publish LESS posts about what you want to sell.

Publish MORE posts that feature interesting, fun, quirky, memorable, informative or educational content. Connect with your audience.

They see more than enough ads and posts each day. Be different, connect deeper, and become an unforgettable brand.

Then when your audience need stuff, they’ll call you. Simple.


Advertise. We may be repeating ourselves here.
Advertise. We may be repeating ourselves here.
Advertise. We may be repeating ourselves here.
Advertise. We may be repeating ourselves here.

One of the fastest ways to get your business noticed on Google (yeah, it’s not social media) and also one of the free’est ways to get seen, heard, found and reviewed online, is by setting up a Google Business page. Google does the rest for you. We include Google Biz for free for all our clients, because we’re good like that. How fun is free stuff? 1,000. That’s how much.

Want to get more customers, more reviews, more referrals, more engagement, more likes, more comments, more followers, more more more more more?

Do fun things with other businesses that share your values.

Collaborate to create awesome video content for your retail precinct. Create a gift pack with a collection of products from other brands that share your good values. Share posts from pages and brands you like.

Set up a VIP rewards club for your followers and send them treats when they refer new customers to you.

Do fun things with your fans, your customers, and other businesses, and watch how fun things happen as a result.

It’s really easy. (We have plenty more ideas if you want to go deeper on this).

As always, you’re welcome.