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Successful Australian Businesses Are Advertising on Facebook

The reason so many successful business owners choose Social Media Advertising is that it generates real, visible, measurable results.

Our campaigns show exactly how many people have visited your website, added products to their shopping cart, filled out an online enquiry form or completed a purchase.

All of this is at our fingertips, and we usually achieve these results with significantly lower budgets than other advertising channels.

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Facebook Ads Management Agency

Our Facebook Ads Management packages include:

Facebook Advertising is both effective and affordable. Australians are highly active on Facebook, and as we move to a primarily online marketplace it’s absolutely essential for businesses to have a robust digital presence.

Facebook Ads

Engaging Fresh Creative

Effective Facebook Ads are attention-grabbing, memorable, and share their message quickly and clearly.

Facebook Ads

Visually Compelling

We know how to create exactly the right balance of images & videos to make your Facebook Ads stand out!!

Facebook Ads

Build Your Brand Style

Your Facebook Ads should clearly represent your brand values and style, while sharing your unique offer or special promotion.

Facebook Ads

Become Industry Leading

There’s a lot of competition out there, and your Facebook Ads will lift your brand above the competition as a Leader in your Industry

Facebook Ads

Show Your Expert Knowledge

Reaching the right audience is essential to the success of every campaign, and our in-house Facebook Ads Guru knows all the tips and tricks to get your ad performing at it’s best, fast!

Facebook Ads

Custom Audience Targeting

We set up specific audiences designed to reach people who want exactly what you offer! This gives you very best value for money out of every Facebook Ads dollar spent.

Facebook Ads

Continue Value Adding

We test and measure your Facebook Ads to ensure your ads are top-performers. This value add technique gets you the best results for the lowest cost, every time!

Facebook Ads

See Visible Results Fast

We aim to achieve the highest number of conversions for the lowest cost, giving you maximum value. Our reporting is fully transparent, so you always know how your campaign is going!

Love the hands-on and proactive service from Yvonne and the team. They helped improve our social media presence and more importantly grow the business through their work on our Google and Facebook marketing. Always responsive immediately and keen to help. Feels like a true team effort! Thank you :)

Sunny, Santosha Yoga Institute

6 tips for Facebook Ads Success!

Our in-house Facebook Ads expert knows all the tips and tricks to get your social media advertising campaign working at it’s best! Chat to Yvonne, she’s our Facebook Ads expert.


With only a few seconds to capture attention, images and videos perform the leading role in a successful Facebook Ads Campaign


Your Facebook Ads need to be unique, creative and stand out from the crowd with seamless interactivity and stunning designs


Language and tone is the hallmark of a successful Facebook Ad. Compelling copy carves the path for successful campaigns online.


With options for delivery across multiple devices and multiple channels, it makes sense to design different ads for different places. We create specific designs for each channel, including Instagram Stories and Store Collections for mobile, and full-version Facebook Ads for desktop and mobile delivery!


Our process involves creating custom, hand-crafted audiences for Facebook Ads to ensure that every Facebook Advertising dollar counts! This way, Facebook Ads are only shown to the right people, in the right places. We recommend Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences and Special Targeting.


It’s easy to ‘Set & Forget’, which is why most people do just that. Instead, we recommend daily Facebook Ads health checks to ensure campaigns are active, within budget, maintaining an upward growth trend, and delivering quality results. It takes a little more time, but it makes a HUGE difference!

Fact: 16 million Facebook users, 9 million Instagram users in Australia alone. Join now!

Over half of Australia is on Facebook, and the world is shifting rapidly to a more digital economy.

Online audiences such as Facebook fans and Instagram followers are now considered tangible business assets, offering comparable value to email databases in their ability to quickly and effectively connect with qualified potential customers.

Social Media continues to successfully connect businesses with consumers in every market.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses in Australia

Social Media Advertising Campaigns continue to drive excellent results for businesses.

With Facebook Advertising Campaigns from as little as $5 per day, we have helped hundreds of Australian businesses to prosper and thrive.

Our vision is to establish a vibrant, collaborative online community of successful businesses using social media advertising as the launchpad to success.

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Facebook Ads

Driving Your Social Media Marketing Success in 2020

The key ingredients include a combination of organic and paid activity, high-quality and well-considered content, and an exceptional advertising strategy to deliver real customers and real results.

Facebook regularly updates the Facebook Ads Manager Platform, Business Manager, the public user interface, and general terms and conditions.

We spend all day every day on Facebook, and our team are constantly learning, evolving and updating our knowledge and our processes to meet these new criteria.

Our recipe for success is constantly changing, but the fundamentals remain the same and we continue to deliver amazing results for our clients year after year.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising FAQs

We work with you and your team to create a strategy that is right for your business.

Once we have a strategy in place, we share relevant, engaging and interactive content on your social media pages and create targeted, compelling advertising campaigns to deliver measurable outcomes for you — from increased website traffic, to online enquiry forms or even whatsapp messages. Talk to us to get a strategy that’s right for you!

Our plans start from $349 + gst per month and we also offer tailored package options if you have a unique requirement that isn’t covered by one of our existing plans. We believe we’re one of the best value agencies in Australia — and our team are based right here in Australia!
That is absolutely fine. We’ll teach you the basics so that you can understand what’s happening on your pages — and you’ll feel confident reading our monthly reports as you watch your impressions, engagement and reach continue to grow over time!

We work with you and your team while we manage your Social Media, and you always retain ownership of your pages. You can be involved as much or as little as you like; our objective is to make this work for you so we’ll do everything we can to save you time and increase your results — but you’re still free to post, comment, like and share content whenever you like.

Sure do! We’ve been running Facebook Advertising campaigns for years and we continue to deliver awesome results for our clients.

Our recommended minimum spend is usually $500 per month, however it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve and what industry you work in.

Some of our clients spend $300 per month and get a consistent flow of quality website traffic, while others spend upwards of $1,500 per month and get qualified leads delivered straight to their inbox.

Chat to us about your goals and objectives and we can work out a plan that fits your unique business needs.

We do! Instagram Ads are becoming more dynamic and the effectiveness of Instagram Advertising continues to increase over time. We’ve got a few insider tricks as well to get your ads performing at their optimal level quickly, which saves you time and money.
You’ll have a dedicated content manager who takes care of all of your Social Media Accounts on your behalf.

We have a full team in Australia and New Zealand and we collaborate regularly to share our knowledge and resources.

All of our team are based in either Australia or NZ so there are no ​‘off-shore’ people accessing your accounts — we keep everything safe and secure for you.

No — but most of our customers do.

We have a minimum 3-month term on our Big plans and a minimum 6-month term on our Basic plans.

We usually invoice the first 3 months upfront and don’t charge a setup fee, however if you decide you want to work with us month-to-month and not commit to a term, you just need to pay an initial $450+gst setup fee and you can cancel anytime (we still have a one month notice period to pause or cancel)

Sure does! And we know how to make it work for almost any business in any industry.

We get consistently positive feedback from our clients (some of which have been working with us since 2015!) and our reporting shows us the hard and fast proof that our campaigns are delivering amazing value and returns.

Generally, yes! We work with product and service-based businesses across a huge range of industries and we get incredible results.

There are a few very unique circumstances in which particular businesses are not allowed to promote their services on social media channels due to restrictions in their industry.

And, if we feel that a business is not operating ethically, we’re not going to work with that business.

We’ve got heaps of testimonials from our happy customers — you can read our reviews on Facebook and Google to see for yourself, or give Yvonne a call and she can share some relevant examples of customers in a comparable industry to yours. Also, we’ve been around for a long time. Easy Social Media started in 2012 in New Zealand, and in 2015 we launched in Australia. We’ve got years of experience in managing and growing social media accounts, launching businesses and brands, working with startups and established businesses, and delivering successful advertising campaigns.
Social Media Marketing

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