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Social Media Management for Australian Businesses

We’ve got packages for every business and every budget.
Check out our Social Media Pricing options for effective and professional social media management.

When you’re ready to go, give our team a call on 1300 378 042 and we’ll get you started right away!

We also offer specialist social media management services including targeted Social Media Advertising, conversion campaigns, lead generation and more.

Our social media management specialists are experts in creating customised Social Media Marketing Strategies for Australian Businesses.

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Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Management Packages Include:

If you want to get more followers, increase engagement, improve your brand awareness and brand credibility, get more customers, receive more 5 star reviews, increase your website clicks or get more purchase conversions; we’ll create a customised solution to deliver exactly what your business needs for optimum growth.

Social Media Marketing

Engaging content

We’ll connect with your audience using the style, tone and language that represents your brand in it’s best light!

Social Media Marketing

Quality Images

We’ll source images for your business that fit your brand, and there’s no extra cost (unless you want something extra fancy!)

Social Media Marketing

Regular Posts

Did you know that posting consistently maintains optimum organic reach? Leave it to us, we’ll take care of everything

Social Media Marketing

Our Facebook plans all include advertising dollars to engage with your fans and keep your page on an upward growth trend!

Social Media Marketing

Campaign Management

We have a Facebook Ads Expert who LOVES creating optimised campaigns for our clients! Conversions, website traffic and more. Woohoo!

Social Media Marketing

Community Management

We start by creating an audience who love your brand, then we nurture that audience to keep them engaged and excited about your content!

Social Media Marketing

Analytics & Insights

We’re the Australasian licensee for Sprout Social, and in our opinion the reports we provide are world-class. Ask us to send you an example report!

Social Media Marketing

Dedicated Account Manager

When you work with our team, you’ll be working with a real live human being – right here in Australia! We’re based in Sydney and Byron Bay.

Effective Social Media Advertising in Australia

Social Media Advertising is highly targeted, showing your ads only to people who are potential customers and excluding anyone who is too young, too old, lives in the wrong town, or doesn’t fit the profile of your ideal customer.

This means you’re only spending your advertising dollars on people who are genuinely likely to choose your business. Makes sense, right? We think so!

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Social Media Marketing

How does Social Media Advertising work?

Facebook Advertising and Instagram Advertising are effective and affordable, and our in-house expert knows all the tips and tricks to get your social media advertising campaign working at it’s best! Chat to Yvonne, she’s our Facebook Ads expert.
Connect with Yvonne at 1300 378 042.

We start by inviting you to fill out our advertising questionnaire. You decide what you’d like to offer or promote, how long you’d like to run your campaign for and any special information you can share with us to help us create the best possible campaign for you.

We work with you to establish a realistic budget for your campaign, based on what you’d like to achieve, how long you’d like your ads to run for, and where you’d like your advertisements to appear.

We create custom audiences based on your existing customers, your email subscribers, and people who have visited your website. We’ll even send you a Facebook Pixel (if you don’t already have one – and it’s free!).

Next, our Facebook Ads Expert designs draft advertisements and sends these to you for approval – you can let us know any changes you’d like to see before your Facebook Ads go live.

Once your ads are live, we check them frequently to ensure they’re reaching the right people and delivering clicks to your website, all while keeping the cost down – to ensure you’re seeing the best results!

We’re transparent with our fees and your advertising spend, so you can see what’s happening in your Ad Account anytime. We work with you to help you select the right style of campaign to work best for you and your brand, within your budget.

What does Facebook Advertising cost?

Facebook Ads Management is $450 – $850 per month; this is the amount you pay our team to professionally manage your campaign and make sure your ads are being seen by the right people, for the lowest possible cost.

Your Facebook Advertising budget is up to you, and we’ll give you recommendations based on what you want to achieve. The minimum budget for Facebook Advertising is $500 per month.

Facebook Ads are incredibly cost-effective and we get excellent results.

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Instagram Advertising & Marketing

The Right Social Media Strategy To Maximise Your Conversion Results

Every business deserves its own unique brand voice and style. A huge part of our approach happens right at the start, where we take time to understand your brand, the tone of voice that resonates with your audience, your brand values and ethos, and your vision for a successful future.

Our social media managers have been working on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google since 2015.

A lot has changed over the years, but we still spend all day, every day (except weekends!) keeping up with social media trends, the latest changes in business requirements, terms and conditions, procedures, business opportunities, the latest algorithm changes and more.

Our strategy takes into account everything that your business needs plus everything that your customers want – then we create the “sweet spot” where everything interconnects and you get more of the right customers, while your customers get more of your product or service. It’s a winning recipe and we’d love to help you get started!

First, we want to understand more about you and your business. This includes what you offer, what makes your business different, and what success looks like for your business.

We’ll incorporate all of the elements of social media into your strategy — this includes the primary platforms we’ll focus on and is usually a combination of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Business – and if they’re appropriate, Pinterest, YouTube and TripAdvisor.

If you’re brand new to social media, we include setup of all your pages for FREE! (What?) True story. Totally free as part of our plans.

The way we see it, the more businesses there are on social media, the more our social media communities can connect in a meaningful way with brands they really want to follow.

If you’ve already got pages up and running, we’ll optimise these for top performance — this is also free and included in our service!

We’ll create a draft content plan with posts to each of your platforms, and send it to you in advance for approval.

You get to view your first two weeks of posts before anything goes live, and we’ll make any changes you ask for before your posts are published.

On your Instagram Business Page, we’ll identify key influencers and top-performing hashtags for your business and start engaging these every week on your behalf. On your Facebook Business Page, we regularly share content from relevant pages — growing your brand and increasing your reach across the networks of other businesses in your industry. On your LinkedIn Business Page (if that’s part of your Social Media Strategy) we’ll also share content and include updates.

We provide all our clients with comprehensive monthly reporting — this shows you the growth, reach and engagement of your Social Media Accounts over the course of a month, including your Top-Performing Posts and most engaged Instagram Hashtags, so that we can keep refining our content to deliver more of what works best for you!

Our social media clients

We have amazing customers across all different industries!

Our current portfolio includes online retailers of fashion, furniture, homewares and specialty goods; food and beverage brands; local cafes, restaurants and pubs; plus our B2B clients including accounting and law practices; dental and medical centres; property and finance; even commercial cleaning and property development.

We’d love to talk to you and help you grow your business on social media. Book a call today!

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management FAQs

We work with you and your team to create a strategy that is right for your business.

Once we have a strategy in place, we share relevant, engaging and interactive content on your social media pages and create targeted, compelling advertising campaigns to deliver measurable outcomes for you — from increased website traffic, to online enquiry forms or even whatsapp messages. Talk to us to get a strategy that’s right for you!

Our plans start from $349 + gst per month and we also offer tailored package options if you have a unique requirement that isn’t covered by one of our existing plans. We believe we’re one of the best value agencies in Australia — and our team are based right here in Australia!
That is absolutely fine. We’ll teach you the basics so that you can understand what’s happening on your pages — and you’ll feel confident reading our monthly reports as you watch your impressions, engagement and reach continue to grow over time!

We work with you and your team while we manage your Social Media, and you always retain ownership of your pages. You can be involved as much or as little as you like; our objective is to make this work for you so we’ll do everything we can to save you time and increase your results — but you’re still free to post, comment, like and share content whenever you like.

Sure do! We’ve been running Facebook Advertising campaigns for years and we continue to deliver awesome results for our clients.

Our recommended minimum spend is usually $500 per month, however it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve and what industry you work in.

Some of our clients spend $300 per month and get a consistent flow of quality website traffic, while others spend upwards of $1,500 per month and get qualified leads delivered straight to their inbox.

Chat to us about your goals and objectives and we can work out a plan that fits your unique business needs.

We do! Instagram Ads are becoming more dynamic and the effectiveness of Instagram Advertising continues to increase over time. We’ve got a few insider tricks as well to get your ads performing at their optimal level quickly, which saves you time and money.
You’ll have a dedicated content manager who takes care of all of your Social Media Accounts on your behalf.

We have a full team in Australia and New Zealand and we collaborate regularly to share our knowledge and resources.

All of our team are based in either Australia or NZ so there are no ​‘off-shore’ people accessing your accounts — we keep everything safe and secure for you.

No — but most of our customers do.

We have a minimum 3-month term on our Big plans and a minimum 6-month term on our Basic plans.

We usually invoice the first 3 months upfront and don’t charge a setup fee, however if you decide you want to work with us month-to-month and not commit to a term, you just need to pay an initial $450+gst setup fee and you can cancel anytime (we still have a one month notice period to pause or cancel)

Sure does! And we know how to make it work for almost any business in any industry.

We get consistently positive feedback from our clients (some of which have been working with us since 2015!) and our reporting shows us the hard and fast proof that our campaigns are delivering amazing value and returns.

Generally, yes! We work with product and service-based businesses across a huge range of industries and we get incredible results.

There are a few very unique circumstances in which particular businesses are not allowed to promote their services on social media channels due to restrictions in their industry.

And, if we feel that a business is not operating ethically, we’re not going to work with that business.

We’ve got heaps of testimonials from our happy customers — you can read our reviews on Facebook and Google to see for yourself, or give Yvonne a call and she can share some relevant examples of customers in a comparable industry to yours. Also, we’ve been around for a long time. Easy Social Media started in 2012 in New Zealand, and in 2015 we launched in Australia. We’ve got years of experience in managing and growing social media accounts, launching businesses and brands, working with startups and established businesses, and delivering successful advertising campaigns.
Social Media Marketing

Get fast results with the right
Social Media Management strategy

We want Australian businesses to thrive – so we’re doing everything we can to get as many businesses online as possible. Social Media doesn’t need to be hard, we believe that professional and effective social media is EASY – with the right team supporting you every step of the way.

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